Southwest Athletic Hall of Fame

Southwest High School Athletic Hall of Fame

(Deadline May 15)

Please complete the nomination form below for the athlete/team/booster/coach/administrator or family. A nomination form completed to the best of your ability must be provided for a nomination to be considered.

Outstanding Achievements at Southwest

*List sports in which candidate(s) lettered in and for how many years? Or, list contributions made by a Booster, Family, or Coach made to Southwest Sports.

*What special awards did candidate(s) receive in each sport (i.e. Captain, MVP, All Conference, All State, etc.)?

*What special awards did team(s) achieve?

Outstanding Achievements at College

In which sports did the candidate(s) letter and for how many years?

What special individual awards were received in each sport?

Outstanding Achievements Post-College

Outstanding post college athletic / business / other achievements?


 Enter the characters shown in the image to the left.


If the person/group you nominated does not lead to an induction into the SWHS HOF during the year you submitted your nomination, the nomination form will be kept on file and reviewed by the selection committee annually for an additional five years.