1955 Southwest Hockey Team

1955 Southwest Hockey Team

Taken from the 1955 Wagistanian

HOCKEY Southwest did it again, only more so! As usual the critics and sports writers said Southwest was a dark horse and would be lucky if they placed in the top four. As usual Southwest upset the predictions. Although the squad was small in number, it was big in spirit, enthusiasm and ability.

At the end of the first four games, Southwest averaged eight points per game offensively compared to .25 points per game defensively. In the first game of the season, Southwest trampled Henry 8 to 0. They kept up their high-scoring streak by creaming Central 12 to 0. In the next game, they ran into a little opposition from Washburn but downed them 4 to 1. They then ran over Edison 9 to 0 and Vocational 9 to 1.

Running up against a scrappy Marshall team, Southwest won 3 to 1 with all three goals being scored by Merv Meredith. In the next game, Southwest beat Roosevelt 5 to 3. In the eighth game of the season, Southwest was given a scare by West who scored two goals in two minutes. Southwest recovered and went on to win 5 to 2. They then beat North 4 to 2. In the last game of the regular season, Southwest was defeated by city champion South 3 to 0. Southwest finished second placein the city.

Southwest bounced back from the defeat to beat Washburn 4 to 1 and Roosevelt 4 to 1 in Region 1 payoffs. Southwest then carried their winning ways over to St. Paul where they beat Harding, St. Paul’s second team by a score of 3 to 2 in a sudden death overtime. It was the first time that a Minneapolis team had won Region 1 since 1950.

An under-rated Southwest team, supposedly coming in the “back door of the state tournament” met perennial favorite Eveleth in the first round. Southwest surprised everyone by decisively beating them 4 to 1.

In the second round, Southwest met South St. Paul and gained the finals by winning 3 to 1. In the state championship game, Southwest was scored upon three times in the first period. Southwest then outplayed St. Paul Johnson for the next two periods but was unable to come from behind and lost 3 to 1. Our team ended up second in the state, the highest a Minneapolis team had ever gone. Roger Rovick was selected for the All-State team. The team’s success is a fitting send-off to Mr. Paul Wohlford who is retiring as hockey coach.