Harvey Feldman

Harvey Feldman - Booster Class of 1961

Harvey Feldman, '61, played football for Art Fredrickson and Dave Peterson and basketball for Walt Williams while at SW. While never a star, he took pride in the fact that he always worked hard. He earned Coach Fredrickson's praise as his most improved football player. Harvey never forgot the great memories from SW, playing sports for these coaches, and the life lessons he learned - which he applied in his successful business career.

A few years ago, Harvey attended a SW football game under the lights at Washburn. This brought back fond memories of the old "Friday Night Lights" at Parade Stadium. Harvey thought it a shame that the SW kids could not enjoy night games on their home field. He went to work. Less than two years later, the SW stadium had lights, thanks to Harvey's tireless lobbying efforts and extremely generous financial backing. At its dedication, the stadium was re-named Fredrickson/Peterson Stadium. Harvey often says, "SW is a fabulous school, these are great kids who deserve the best!"

That was just the beginning. Since then, Harvey funded air-conditioning in the auditorium, four $20,000 college scholarships for the "Most Improved" senior athletes in football (two) and basketball (one girls’, one boys’), the ACT tutoring program, a salary for the new SW Foundation director, and has several other projects in his sights. For example, Harvey expects to fund championship banners in the gymnasium and dedications of Walt Williams Basketball Court and Meyers Peterson Concession Stand.

Harvey's generous involvement has sparked an unprecedented excitement in students, faculty and alumni. He says, "These kids all walk the same hallways and many live in our old houses. I am committed to doing everything I can to make sure their experience at SW is as rewarding as mine". Harvey also hopes to inspire other alumni to give back.